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Statewide Pull

Statewide Pull How far will Texas go into the pit of insanity? “Don’t they see that’s a SNAKE?”

Mr. Repub swoons for Miss Latinos votes, but that’s where the love affair ends. Repub would not only be unfaithful, he would be downright hurtful. Glib double talk can fool if she doesn’t look past the persona into what this guy really stands for.

Sure…I’m on your side.

Sure…I’m on your side. Sure, the Tea Party is on the Republican “side” – wrapped around and ready to help or put on the big squeeze if Mr. Elephant isn’t deemed enough in the right, and that is into the stratosphere right. Things can get pretty testy in the primaries. Just ask “I AM a conservative” David Dewhurst. Published in The Austin American Statesman, Nov. 5, 2012

Sleeping Giant – Awaken!

Sleeping Giant – Awaken! Texas Latinos have so much to gain by voting Democrat. Republicans covet the Latino vote but not their constituency.

Voting Dead

Voting Dead The dead always vote Democratic if the Democrats can just get them “out” to register.

Perry and the boiling frogs

Perry and the boiling frogs With the massive carbon emissions from Texas coal fired plants under the gun from the EPA, Perry retorts with Texas jobs lost statistics if federal guidelines are followed. Big picture: If the planet cooks, Texas cooks right along with it…ya think?
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