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Bucks to Biz

Bucks to Biz Prop 6 allows Repubs to distribute the Rainy Day Fund to their buds in the corporate world under the auspices of the State Water Plan.

Perry Kick’n

Perry Kick’n   Wendy’s 13 hour People’s Filibustser put Wendy Davis on the national stage, like a kick in the appropriate place gets attention.


Last! Guess who gets trapped in a state that underspends most of the U.S. for social services? Nice going Repubs!

Perry Powers

Perry Powers Gov. Perry vs. University of Texas President William Powers. Powers has been resilient facing the powers that be.

Toss $50 bill?

Toss $50 bill? Gosh dern! Perry turns down $50 billion Federal healthcare dollars over 5 years. And, darn, he was look’n so smart in those horn rimmed glasses!  


WHOOOP! Texas is near the bottom of states in budgeting and spending for the sick and needy.
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